Lobby XX

Caption written in a paragraph (maximum 2 paragraphs), containing: who (is the architect/consultant bureau) -> what (is the project objective, architectural focal point, architect’s concept) -> why (is the angle being chosen). Only write down things that can or got permission to be published.

XXX Architects designed Harris f(x) Sudirman to expand its business opportunity inside Indonesia’s capital city since the increasing amount of people working here. The operator wanted to have a new concept hotel so the occupants feel like there’s something new this hotel offer. The architect, XYZ, decided to create this hotel by designing a super welcome-y canopy and bla bla bla to become an oasis to the city. The angles are taken to emphasize the architects focal points and gives the burst to the lighting details that can’t be separated from the whole design.

House of Inside Outside, Tamara Wibowo Architects